Business Automation Solutions can help your organization take advantage of BizIntelConnect, a solution that links your GoldMine CRM system to your other business data sources to enhance your sales, marketing and customer service processes and effectiveness. Reach customers and prospects with timely communication triggered from conditions in your CRM, Accounting, ERP or other data sources.


Are Your Business Applications Working In Harmony With Each Other?

Trigger timely communication to your staff, customers or prospects based upon business rules you set. Send internal or external notifications tied to important milestone dates and times. Examples of ways you can benefit include:
    Communicate new prospect opportunities to sales
    Exception alerts (overdue receivables, customer service issues)
    Recurring customer action reminders (annual renewals)
    Critical scheduled action notifications when out of office
    Drip marketing driven by prior sales or marketing activity
    Automated customer appointment reminders / confirmation
    Triggered, tracked customer satisfaction surveys
Take advantage of a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation to learn more and determine if BizIntelConnect could be a good fit for your company.