Comprehensive Solutions Across Multiple Disciplines

Solutions include the integration of digital marketing technology combined with a solid customer relationship management system. As a certified GoldMine partner, Business Automation Solutions offers expertise in applying CRM technology across the sales, marketing and customer service areas of your company to help develop and retain profitable business relationships. As developers of GoldMine integrated solutions for email and web site marketing, lead management and engagement marketing, we bring an added expertise to the effective application of these tools to augment the capabilities of GoldMine CRM.

Business Automation Solutions has developed proprietary technology to help your organization enhance the capabilities of your GoldMine CRM system. Areas we incorporate these enhancements include:

  • Integrate forms from your web site to capture new leads

  • Alert users as key business benchmarks are met or have not yet been met

  • Provide automated and customized reporting on key metrics within your CRM system

  • Use interactive email and web site marketing to identify business opportunities and engage your sales team

  • Provide web site analytics specific to your contacts' browsing behavior